For smaller, simpler gatherings or as an extra on the side

Asian dipping platter

Includes: Wontons, samosas, mini spring rolls & moneys bags

With dipping sauces

Seafood Platter no.1

Includes: Seafood sticks, hoki bites, squid rings & crumbed mussles.

With a selections of sauces

Continental Platter

Includes: Sliced ham, pepperoni, pastrami & salami

With a selection of pickles

Cheese Platter

Includes: A selection of New Zealand cheese and dried fruits

Homemade Savoury Platter

Includes: Savoury sausage rolls, mini mine pies, ham & egg pies, spinach 
& cottage cheese pies

Cold Sliced Meats and Pickles Platter

Includes: Roast pork, beef and chicken

With a selection of pickles

Seafood Platter no.2

Includes: Fish nibbles, crumbed scallops & chilli clams

Cheese and Grape Platter

Includes: A selection of New Zealand cheeses and grapes

Kebab Platter

Includes: Beef, chicken, pork & vegetable kebabs

Served with a selection of sauces

Seafood Platter no.3

Includes: Fish goujons, crumbed scallops, crab sticks & squid rings

Pastries Platter

Includes: Vol au vents, filo pastry filled with a selection of fillings & cheese twists

Sweets Platter

Includes: Mini lamingtons, mini butterfly cakes, mini lemon meringue pies, rocky road & mini chocolate mud cakes